Collection: Mainstay Collection

Explore the Australian Rainforest with Uncle Charlie and Little Kit as they play hide-and-seek with the rest of the Platypus Family. Reinforce this teaching moment with the Adventures of Hoy Activity book of games and puzzles. Next, learn about the Man of the Millennium with the "Thomas A. Edison Activity Book" and how he changed the world. Integrate this with the Thomas Edison Puzzle books for two age levels of 5-8 and 9-adult with Morse Code, Mazes, Word Games, Connect-the-Dots, Color by Number, and Seek-N-Find puzzles. 

Finally, enjoy Ohio's rich and thorough history from the "United We Stand Ohio Presidents Activity Book and corresponding postcards." The family will laugh and have a lot of fun as they learn how to put words together and the literal meaning of each word with the United We Stand Word Game. Join us at Hoy's Toys as we bring learning to you and your family where ever you are.