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Hoy's Toys is sold online as well as through boutique-type retail stores. We select specialty boutique-type stores as this accommodates customized marketing programs that fit this niche for each product line and marketplace.


Hoy's Toys Thomas Edison Activity Book and related puzzle books make outstanding door prizes at each store location when celebrating Thomas Edison's Birthday- coinciding with Inventors Day on February 11th. Hoy's Toys encourages each store to have a Thomas Edison birthday cake. We provide The Thomas Edison Bundle for a free drawing at each store—a great way to increase store traffic during the blister-cold winter days. 


Stores prepare for a typically busy President's Day when shoppers take advantage of all the great discounted sales. Hoy's Toys, United We Stand Ohio Presidential Series Activity Book, and super bundles (all 23) postcards will be given to winners who register for the free drawings in each store.


International Scrabble Competition is celebrated every year on April 13th. For word lovers, try a hand at your local store and beat the local Word Wizard. Each winner will receive a set of Hoy's Toys United We Stand Word Game cards. Special discounted pricing is made available for this day of celebration.


As we add each new product, Hoy's Toys will offer a particular Point of Sale promotion to introduce the new product.


Each store location will automatically be added to Hoy's Toys store locator by zip code.


For more information on carrying the Hoy's Toys line, contact us directly at: or 877-hoys-toys or 614-284-2656




Hoy's Toys has designed educational packages and bundles that can be sold to every type of school for the Hoy's Toys Thomas Edison Line and The United We Stand Ohio Presidential Series. This material has been designed to be supplemental as well as affordable.


Hoy's Toys The Thomas Edison Line meets Ohio's criteria for STEM and  State STEAM programs. Hoy's Toys United We Stand Ohio Presidential Series meets Ohio History requirements.


United We Stand Word Game is a language-based supplemental tool that can be played as a game or as flashcards teaching students essential components of Latin and Greek Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root words. Students can piece together the literal meaning of words for General Vocabulary, Medical, Legal, Biology, Zoology, and Theology.


Please specify school type: Public, Private, Parochial, Charter School, Online School, Homeschool, and PTA/PTO.


Packaging, programming, and pricing are customized to each school's structured needs.


For more information on Education Sales, contact us directly at: or 877-hoys-toys or 614-284-2656



Museums have shown an interest in specialized Activity Books and puzzle books.

Our material has been used in workshops and sold in their gift shops.

Please specify your type of museum, and we would be happy to review our customized marking programs for your organization.

For more information on Institutional Sales, contact us directly at: or 877-hoys-toys or 614-284-2656



Hoy's Toys has been approached from time to time by different types of non-profits to provide products they could sell retail for fundraising efforts. Our only requirement is that the non-profit be a registered non-profit or 501c3 organization in their state. We strive to help any community in any manner possible.

For more information on Non-profit Fundraisers, contact us directly at: or 877-hoys-toys or 614-284-2656



Hoy's Toys has an opportunity for Independent Toy Consultants. This entrepreneurial business is designed for career-minded professionals to own their businesses and set their schedules. Host your toy shows in-home, in the community, and/or at pre-selected marketing events. Opportunity exists to build your upline and have a protected market*.  An initial investment of a $250.00 Starter Kit will provide the Consultant with products to generate a $1000.00 profit (selling at recommended retail price). The Starter Kit includes products from all four lines and marketing material to get started.


*Pre-selected marketing events will vary from market to market


For more information on Hoy's Toys Independent Toy Consultants, contact us directly at: or 877-hoys-toys or 614-284-2656