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About Hoy's Toys

Charles and I would like to share with you how United We Stand Word Game evolved. It was really inspired by his parents, Dr. William E. Hoy and Dr. Louise P. Hoy. It was a verbal game all four of us would play around the dinner table after meals. Bill was a local family doctor and Louise a local Greek and Latin Professor. We would take Medical and Legal words and break them into their basic Greek or Latin Prefix, Suffix, and Root words to determine their literal meaning. Our friends just thought this was so much fun so I promised one day I would make it into a game.

Charles and I genuinely hope your family has as much fun, laughter, love and learning as we did. From our home to yours…… because every child has worth, value, and the ability to learn at their own level. These Words games have been designed to enhance a person’s basic vocabulary skills. Additional word games are being produced that will focus on specific disciplines. We will keep you updated on the website.

Your feedback is always welcome.

Vallery S. Hoy
President and CEO