Collection: The Adventures of Hoy

The Adventures of Hoy is an animated storyline brought to fruition through a book trilogy inspired by Charles McCauley Hoy. Known to us as Uncle Charlie Hoy, he was born September 28th, 1897, in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan, and died September 6th, 1923, in China- from a ruptured appendix (which caused sepsis). This animated storyline is a tribute to him and this family for all their contributions to religion and education. 

Charlie Hoy was fortunate to live in this region of the world during this time. Westerners had limited access to all the areas, terrains, and habitats he explored. He could travel and collect numerous specimens from China, Australia, and Japan. These discoveries would then be crated and shipped to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., for proper classifications. 

Charlie was very curious and active from a young age. He loved to explore the outdoors and animals' habitats on land and in the water. Charlie was a born naturalist. He made his first discovery with the Yangtze River Dolphin when he was 17. He shipped this specimen to the Smithsonian, who confirmed it was a unique genus and species of Cetaceans, Lipotes Vixillifer- Baiji. This significant discovery earned Uncle Charlie Hoy the recognition and distinction of being the youngest collector on record. The Smithsonian Institute was so impressed with him they hired Charlie to be a collector for them in Australia for three years.

During this period, Uncle Charlie collected 1179 mammals, approximately 1000 birds, and additional miscellaneous specimens. Currently, Charlie Hoy has nearly 1700 specimens at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C.

The original Charlie Hoy collection of specimens inspired The Adventures of Hoy. His collection covered four continents Japan, China, Australia, and the USA. The storyline has since expanded to include characters representing a general overview of specimens from each of the seven continents, all five oceans, and seven seas, respectively. The storyline is a zoology, ecology, biology, and oceanography book trilogy designed to capture the imagination of children ages 3 to 7 years old with the Playtime Series and continue with a higher-level animated storyline for ages 8 to 12 years old with the EcoSystem Series.   The Collection Series is a factual book designed to teach kids the basics of classifications for ages 9 to adult.

In addition, a 52-week animation Saturday morning cartoon storyline and an animated movie script have been written. Finally, each ecosystem has general merchandise, including Charlie Hoy and each Platypus family member doll characters along with several of their friends, clothing, and Walk-About equipment, and supporting Ecosystem replicates are designed. All are to be made in the USA.  

Platypus Playtime ages 3 to 7- The Playtime Series introduces Uncle Charlie and the Platypus Family, which includes Ma, Pa, Grandpa Asa, Penelope, Jack, and Little Kit. They are doing a Walk-About around the globe making new friends. Each book has Uncle Charlie and the Platypus Family playing age-appropriate games, discovering one specific level of that ecosystem. I.E., Australian Rainforest, where they play Hide-N-Seek on the rainforest floor.

In the EcoSystem Series, ages 8 to 12, Uncle Charlie and the Platypus family meet new friends at all levels of that specific EcoSystem. For example, I.E., Australian Rainforest includes Rainforest Floor, Understory, Canopy, and Emergent (also known as the Upper Canopy), and they meet new friends who live on the level, such as Freddie the Flute Nosed Bat, Sammy the Sugar Glider, still in Production.

The Collection Series ages 10 to Adults. The Collection Series is a factual book teaching kids to adults the naming of animals in the Animal Kingdom and Classifications. Each book in The Collection Series represents one continent and will include but not be limited to the friends that Uncle Charlie and the Platypus Family have made along the way. This book is still in the draft stages.