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Hoy's Toys is a family-owned and privately held Ohio-based company. We are an online store with plans to open a brick-and-mortar in Dublin, Ohio.

Our products are manufactured in Ohio, and the USA—the United We Stand Word Game – is made by US Playing Cards, Ky. Most products are available in both print and digital forms. We sell to the individual consumer through retail channels and to and through institutions, non-profits, and all education.

United We Stand Word Game – my late in-laws inspired our first product around a dining room table. We had so much fun and continued playing this throughout the years. From this experience I reversed this game process, put it into a playing card format and created United We Stand Word Game - where we put the words together to find the word's literal meaning. At the same time, this helps build vocabulary and understanding of the literal meaning of Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes, and root words. We hope you enjoy and have as much fun learning, laughing, and loving as we did.

Thomas Edison himself inspired Hoy's Toys Thomas Edison Line. He was born in Milan, Ohio and there are many local reminders of his significant contributions to Ohio, the USA, and the world. Edison had 1093 patents in the US, 1239 patents internationally, and 39 patents for the military which he donated directly to them. His entire vision in life was to make this world a better place. This critical message came across in everything he did. Hoy's Toys, Thomas A. Edison Activity Book, and puzzle books can continue his legacy through all forms of learning.

Ohio's rich and thorough history inspired Hoy's Toys United We Stand Ohio the Presidential Series. The Presidents from Ohio contributed so much during critical and pivotal times through the Civil War and the technology boom that changed the United States and the world. The Presidents and First Ladies worked tirelessly towards abolition, the Women's Suffrage Movement, and safety standards in federal workplaces. Ohio proved to have solid and dependable leaders for the USA and the world.

The Adventures of Hoy includes some original material about the experience of our late Uncle Charles McCauley Hoy (1897- 1923). He was hired as a natural scientist by the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, DC. His collection spanned four continents and included approximately 1700 specimens. The story line has expanded to include all seven continents, five oceans and seven seas. Many main animation characters are in Charlie's original collection such as the platypus, wombats, sugar gliders, Tasmanian wolves, and the Yangtze River dolphin. The book trilogy starts with the Playtime Series reader designed for ages 3- to 7-year-olds. The EcoSystem Series is for ages 8 to 12, and the Collection Series is for ages 10 to Adults. There is a corresponding Activity Book for each of the books in the trilogy series.

Come and grow with us as we expand our product lines. Everyone learns in their way, at their own pace and level. Education and learning are fun; we hope to instill and inspire this with our products.

Vallery S Hoy
Hoy’s Toys

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"Fun and informative activity books about Thomas Edison. I have lived near his hometown all my life and visited his home and museum in Milan Ohio. However I never knew the extent of all his accomplishments and awards." - Deann Heckelman via Facebook

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