Collection: 8 to 12

Explore the Australian Rainforest with Uncle Charlie, the Platypus family, and their friends. Journey with them as they discover and explore the four layers of this multipart balanced natural system that is easily explained through 48 pages of original, exciting drawings. Our readers will meet up with old friends like Paddy, the red-legged Pademelon from The Adventures of Hoy Series.

Venture through all four layers, from the Australian rainforest floor to the treetops in the emergent layer. Uncle Charlie and the Platypus family will meet up with old friends and make new ones, like Eddie the Harpo Eagle and Sassy the Sugar Glider, who will be their guides.

This series will assist a young reader’s understanding of the intricacies and balance of the ecosystem as told through a captivating story and rhyme!

This collection fits seamlessly with our other lines or is a great starting point for any young reader!