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Hoy's Toys United We Stand Word Game - General Vocabulary (ages 9 to adult)

Hoy's Toys United We Stand Word Game - General Vocabulary (ages 9 to adult)

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United We Stand Word Game plays with a deck of 52 cards. Each card has a Greek or Latin Prefix, Suffix, or Root word and its meaning.  


The objective of this game is for each player to play as many cards as they can on the face card to create a word. The literal meaning of the word is revealed through the cards played. 

These cards are an excellent way to learn the basic building blocks of the English language. They can be used as flashcards, in a solitary game, with several players (up to eight), or in group competition. 

In group play, each player gets five cards, and a card is turned face up. Each player draws a card and plays on the faceup card to create a word. If players cannot play, they pass to the player on the right. If all players pass, a new card is turned face up. Every card played in/on the word is worth five (5) points. IE: IN+VENT+ION = INVENTION = 15 points.
End of the game, the highest score is the winner. 


Learn the Greek & Latin Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root words behind common words—a fun challenge game for anyone who loves word games - or simply like to learn and have fun. Children and adults alike will enjoy this fun and creative card game. 

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