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Hoy's Toys Thomas Edison Witty Word Game (9 to adult)

Hoy's Toys Thomas Edison Witty Word Game (9 to adult)

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Edison Witty Word game provides the readers all they need to know throughout this 16- page puzzle book. Read the narrative and then answer the questions through different types of puzzles which include crossword puzzles, word searches, word scrambles, double puzzles, and cryptogram puzzles. As you solve the puzzles, you will travel with Edison from his birth in Milan, OH to his second home in Port Huron, MI, where he became “Tom the Telegrapher”. You will explore Edison’s inventions and activities in each of his labs starting with Newark, NJ, Menlo Park, NJ, and West Orange NJ with the Crossword puzzles and Double puzzles. Readers will uncover his patent history in a chronological timeline through the Word Search puzzles.  Enjoy Edison’s quippy quotes as you decipher the Cryptograms. Solutions are in the back.  Celebrate the Life of The Man of the Millennium. Works great alone and also in the full 6 and 12-puzzle book set!

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