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Hoy's Toys Thomas Edison Super Secret Morse Code (5 to 8)

Hoy's Toys Thomas Edison Super Secret Morse Code (5 to 8)

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Learn and practice the most famous code known to man in this 8-page Morse Code puzzle book! Uncover fun facts about how “Tom the Telegrapher” became an expert coder. This experience and expertise helped him to be able to make continuous improvements to the telegraph and catapulted the communications industry. This puzzle book includes images of the original Continuous, Duplex, Quadruplex, and Sextuplex Telegraphs. All artwork is original. Decode the messages using the Morse Code tables with each puzzle. Helps kids with developmental, observation, and recording skills. Solutions are in the back. Celebrate the Life of The Man of the Millennium. Works great alone and in the entire six and 12- puzzle book set!

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