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Hoy's Toys Thomas Edison Series

Hoy's Toys Thomas Edison Unique Seek-N-Find (5 to 8)

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Hoy's Toys Thomas Edison Unique Seek-N-Find (5 to 8)

Edison Seek-N-Find has 16-pages of original drawings overlaid with several hidden images on each page. Explore Edison’s birthplace and find the inventions that are used there today. Explore his Menlo Park Lab and see if you can find the inventions created in this lab. His West Orange Lab is hiding many of his lifetime honors and awards but you need to focus and concentrate to find them. Kids and adults alike will spend hours having fun with this theme-based unique Seek-N-Find. Enhances critical thinking, concentration, and attention to detail with all the inventions, honors and awards, and other surprises. Solutions are in the back. Celebrate the Life of The Man of the Millennium. Works great alone and also in the full 6 and 12-puzzle book set!

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