The Adventures of Hoy in the Australian Rainforest (ages 5 to 8)

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The Adventures of Hoy is an animated activity book that continues the adventure of the characters from Platypus Playtime and introduces new friends through attention-grabbing activities such as color by number, word search, decoding the Morse code from Paddy the Padelmelon and more. These friends share tidbits about their ecosystems and habitats all along the way.

Each Adventure of Hoy activity book corresponds to the Platypus Playtime Series for Australian Rainforest, Australian Desert, Australian Prairie Grassland, and Australian Rock Region. They will be available for all seven continents and five oceans to bridge the Playtime Series to our new The EcoSystem Series.

The Adventures of Hoy story line is told throughout the book trilogy, beginning with Platypus Playtime (ages 3-7), continues in The EcoSystem (ages 8-12), and moves to The Collection Series (ages 10-adult). At each level the reader will thrive on excitement and wonder as they learn through play, exploration, and discovery. Works great alone and also in a set with other levels!

Each book is 8 ½ by 11, is 20 pages full of activities.

Price is $5.00 but will always be bundled with each respective Platypus Playtime.

Recommended ages 5-8 years old.

More to come, check back soon!