United We Stand Word Game
General Vocabulary (ages 9 to adult)

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In this game, we took Greek and Latin Prefixes, Suffixes and Root words and placed them in a deck with 52 cards. Each player receives 5 cards. (Can have up to 8 players). Player to the right of the dealer goes first. To start, the first player turns ONE card face up from the deck and lays on the table. The first player then draws ONE card from the deck and plays as many cards as possible on the word. Each card used in the word is worth 5 points. Players can add to the top of word and bottom of the word to make ONE word.

CARD: form: to shape or form

CARD 2: in: in, into, against and not


give information

CARD 3: vent: to come


to bring to, to create 

CARD 4: ion

to act, result, state of being, little

TRANSLATION: invention

an act to create, to bring into a state of being 

Continue Play until all the cards are gone. The player with most points wins. See inside the game for instructions. There are three different ways the game can end.