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    Announcing the Thomas Edison Activity Book

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    The Thomas Edison Activity Book is beautifully designed for ages 10 to adult. Unique original artwork illustrates the life, inventions, honors/awards, patents and explains the fascinating life journey of Thomas A. Edison.

    With a variety of puzzles, games and seek and find, color by number,  this fun book  tells about Thomas Edison’s life and his inspirational journey.

    This book is the brainchild of Vallery Hoy, founder of Hoys Toys. Vallery graduated from Edison High School, Milan, Ohio, home to the Birthplace of  Thomas  A. Edison. Edison has always been  an  inspiration to her. She learned  from his life that people learn in a variety of ways. Edison’s entire mission in life was to make the world a better place.


    Edison was recently selected to be honored in National Statuary Hall, in Washington, D.C. — this in addition to a lifetime of honors awarded to Edison, including the Congressional Gold Medal and two Grammys.

    A popular feature of the Edison book is the ‘How to Create Your Own Patent’ and it takes the mystery out of the patent process. The myriad of creative games and puzzles throughout the book makes it fun and engaging.

    An interesting tidbit about Edison is that he was completely deaf in one ear in later years. So he used a clever approach to hearing by biting into the horn so that the sound vibrations could reach his hearing nerves. As his hearing worsened, he had someone tap Morse Code messages on his knees so he could participate in discussions during meetings.

    The books and games developed by Hoys Toys are tools for learning … but because their design is fun and inspirational, it appeals to all ages and generations. Order your copies from the website.


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