The Adventures of Hoy Series

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The Adventures of Hoy Series product line includes books, e-books and a variety of entertaining and educational products, as well as a Saturday Morning Cartoon (to be released). The essence of the adventure features Uncle Charlie and the Platypus family trotting the seven continents of world, navigating different terrains and sites, such as the Rainforest of Australia, the Sahara Desert of Africa, the Great Wall of China, the Grand Canyon of the U.S., visiting Big Ben in London. Together they make new friends and enjoy adventures along the way. Children will learn about zoology, oceanography, ecology, geography, and the natural wonders of world.

The zoology book and e-book series teaches children about land mammals around the globe. As an introductory series, this tiered book system is designed for ages 3-6.

PP 3The Playtime Series – age 3-6

Designed to teach children about land mammals. This book offers age-appropriate physical characteristics of each species in a light-hearted manner using traditional games that children know and love, such as jump rope, hide-and-seek, and tag. This is a playful approach to learning for children with a focus on the attributes of mammals. There are 300 individual mammals in this series. Each book contains 20 pages and is brilliantly and colorfully illustrated.

The Ecosystem Series – ages 7-10

Designed to teach children about different Ecosystems around the globe. Children will meet their friends again from The Playtime Series and learn how they live together. This series illustrates just how interdependent each specimen is on its respective ecosystem. This reader series is independent but complements The Playtime Series. Children will learn more about the same interesting characters introduced in the Platypus Playtime series, but will also learn how they live in their natural habitat / biosphere. There are 30 books in this series. Each book is 40 pages with brilliant and colorful illustrations.

The Collection Series – ages 10 to adult

This book series is designed to teach factual information about mammals from each of the seven continents. The Collection Series incorporates the mammals characterized and illustrated in both The Playtime Series and The Ecosystem Series and introduces the reader to factual knowledge about each specimen. Each image is originally and accurately illustrated. This series has been designed to be integrated into The Adventures of Hoy reading series or can be read independently. The Collection Series is a solid, zoology-based informational reading collection. There are games and puzzles throughout the book to reinforce the reading material. The series is designed to teach the reader important facts about each specimen.

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